soft little crows feet, walking across cold cobble steps

death creeping and fighting, waddling with blades of light and arrows that fade, into wizards and demons and lost souls that just want to go home

collecting and filling your cup with bright-sharp light

death’s door playing on your laptop, whirring…



I wish to speak, of your neck, sweat dripping down your skin

rolling onto mine as you smile

of the light across your back, lighting up our room

of our hearts, racing

your colours shimmering, changing

of my eyes, flashing into you


and holding.

I wish to speak to…



Death and kindness show up, holding hands, laughing

eyes watching, happy light

accepting, smiling, the kind that just


when it sees you,

no matter the dirt and feces that cover you.

They see me and laugh, happy, unconcerned

content, awake, waiting.

they know me and wait

for me to return to their warm touch, their bed, their home, their life

they stand at my door and wait for me, patiently, peacefully, but waiting nonetheless

my hands rest on the handle, cold and damp

the breeze blows in and out of our home, softwarm, dark

we look up and breathe, starlight streaming in


know that we are not alone.



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spirit world with geoa

spirit world with geoa

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