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Faerie tales with “spirit world with geoa”

spirit world with geoa
2 min readAug 18, 2022


Once upon a time

the fey in my ramshackle house

got scared

there was a fire down the street from us and they were all scattered-worried

are we safe???

I held them and they calmed, soft touches without tangible skin

they’d settle down only to get riled up again,

I think so, I say, again and again. It’ll be ok :)

patient happy home safe, ish, as we settle-wrestle into worried sleep, curled up and warm on our couch

the next day, I come home from work

they are so excited


comecomecomecome come!

they say, jumping, pulling my hands, looklooklook

bringing me into the living room, presenting a blank wall

ta DA, a flourish of hands and joy felt thrumming through us

I smile, patient school teacher with excited young ones, and then blink

and this tree

lights up our room, lanterns and fey and colours galore swirling on our wall

our home, our art,

look! they said, so, incredibly, proud

thank you I say, meaning it

it’s beautiful

the art dripped and stayed, paint fading, changing, seeping, into the walls

spreading and eating and filling the home

safe, I say


relief, they share, feelings without words humming through us, a tapestry of thought all built and nudged and colour coded, tiny splashes of nuance and spirals from each of us

they reutrn to whatever home sprites do with their days, just being their delightful selves

the tree hums

their paint melting into a disconcerting depth, otherwordly and familiar

as I write and smile and share my thoughts



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spirit world with geoa

fey faerie fairy tale stories brought to you by geoa geer and whoever else is around today