Connecting with you, a poem, kinda

Sex and darkness, from “spirit world with geoa”

spirit world with geoa
2 min readJun 14, 2022


Complicated, she says, smiling, thinking of the lines on her skin and the light she feels in her brain, a network all sharp and raining and fey and night, starlight and daylight filling her eyes and wandering, stepping softly and suredly, watching your eyes as I approach

It’s complicated how I feel, how I feed on your soul, how I treasure each moment of food and light, of soft kisses and softer nuzzles. How I feel when you come in your girlfriend, when you text me with hunger in your eyes, how my teeth makes you bleed, sharp against hips and thighs and skin

how my mouth makes you feed

salivating for more

food you’d forgotten,

food you need

something so primal that it burns in the back of your brain, down your spine and beneath your feet



to be eaten, terrified

how there’s no other food

that satiates.

you breathe and you’re mine, your eyes rolling and glazed and joy content home

releasing as I hold you, my fingers in your mouth

the void retreats, quieter now, your thoughts swaying in grey

words twirling, dancing beneath the sky

your endless tangles of hopes and dreams and malcontent

the sticks in your hair and weights on your soul,

the darkness, binding

and mine

it all slips into my skin, making me glow as a smile grows on your lips

you fall into sleep

deep and dark and


thank you, I whisper

as your darkness fades and dreamland calls,



both of us,



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spirit world with geoa

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