Starvation vs Domination: Getting subs in ultimate

  • 3:1 ratio = 3 women, minimum, per team
  • 3:2 = 5 minimum
  • 4:3, 3:3 = 7 minimum
  • 3:4 = 9 minimum
  • Fewer injuries
  • Less physical and emotional exhaustion to play = a wider range of people interested and able to play
  • More women dominating on the field = more women interested in playing
  • More women connecting on the sideline = more friendships, chemistry, community, women recruiting women
  1. Some women love playing savage or savage-ish
  • Put me on!! I want to play!! I will be at most games and love playing almost every point.
  • Yay friz! I think I will be at most games and I love playing, but subs are good.
  • Yay hanging out! I’ll miss a decent amount of games or I’m mostly there to hang out. I’d love to play a bit, but not much!



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spirit world with geoa

spirit world with geoa


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